Sophie SKrun

United Kingdom

Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2019 42 km

Sophie SKrun
Aktueller Spendenstand von Sophie
CHF 12,774

What motivates me to participate in the muskathlon comes from a call from God to do what I can to support our Christian family for whom faith comes at a great cost. It is devastating to hear stories of what Christians in countries such as North Korea face for choosing to be faithful to God, the way they are treated if found out and the constant fear for their lives and the lives of those they love by being a Christian. It is inspiring that they choose to remain faithful at such a great cost and it inspires me to live out my own faith and do what is currently seemingly impossible in order to support them. These Christians are my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ and I want to do what I can so that they know that they are not forgotten about and have the support through prayer and fundraising from those of us who are blessed to be able to worship and live out our faith so freely.

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