Sarah Monkman

United Kingdom

Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2019 60 km

Sarah Monkman
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CHF 3,741
CHF 12,720

Through reading Open Doors magazines I have been heart broken to read that there are so many countries where people are persecuted – even to the point of death – for simply being a Christian.

In the UK we call ourselves a 'free country' and so I can't even comprehend what it is like to face imprisonment simply for owning a Bible – as is the case in many countries.

Reading stories of what persecuted Christians have to go through can make me feel helpless. I know I can not change the situations that these Christians are in – only God can do that – but as I've been reading stories it has made me want to do something to help.

This is a huge challenge - both physically and having faith that I will raise enough money! My taking part in this Muskathlon is my way of symbolically joining hands with those who face oppression for their faith; as a way of saying 'I will suffer and pray with you, you are not alone'. Please dig deep and help me reach my goal for the sake of those who do not have freedom of belief!

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