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Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2019 60 km

Gabrielle Hiu
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Hi there! I'm Gabrielle and I'm participating in the 2019 South Korea Muskathlon. This year I'll be walking 60km to support Open Doors, an organisation who work with Christians in Asia living under persecution. I believe their work is important in supporting the persecuted church and connecting them with the rest of the church around the world. 

Ich gehe zu Fuß für OpenDoors Starting a wave of justice

OpenDoors Support the persecuted church!

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Thank You!

As today was the last fundraising event before the trip, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came, brought food and donated. Together, we raised nearly $600 - a massive effort! I'd …

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23 September

Training Update

The past two Saturdays have involved two long treks with three very brave people who have offered to walk with me. Kudos to you guys - you are amazing! The first Saturday involved walking 14km ove…

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8 September

Progress and Encouragement

It’s barely been a week since my last post, but recently there have been two positive occurrences that I would like to mention (and thank God for). As I shared in church, over the weekend I …

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Only 5 Weeks To Go!

It's been some time since I last wrote a blog post, so I thought I'd write a brief update to keep you all informed. What a challenging past 6 weeks it has been! One week after the fundraising dinn…

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21 Juli

Dinner No.2

Last night a second fundraising dinner took place to invite people who missed out the first time back in May. It was a more intimate setting where I had the chance to spend more time with everyone …

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16 Juli

July Update

Over the past few weeks, exciting things have been happening as I've been preparing for the trip in October. The arrival of the training shirt in the mail, for me, was a symbol of being chosen, of …

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15 Juni

Pancakes on the Rocks

This week I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the Australian Muskathlon Team bound for South Korea. It was truly a blessing to meet these wonderful people for the first time, as I had nev…

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5 Mai

Thank You!

Last night I was blessed to be surrounded by church friends at the fundraising dinner at my place. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the fundraising dinner last night! Thank you to everyone w…

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17 April

Training and Rest

Over the past month I've been starting to prepare physically for the Ultrawalk. Clearing a physical examination at the GP, purchasing a Fitbit (something I never would have done otherwise), getting…

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