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Muskathlon South Africa 2019 42 km

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Anyone who knows me will tell you the same, I've always had a dream of changing / improving this world, not quite sure how I'd get it right until I heard about #Muskathlon. By combining my love for running and my drive to make a change, I've decided to start my Muskathlon journey this #May2019. My goal is to raise a minimum of R10 000 in aid of the organization called, POPUP. Please follow me on my journey, and support me in my battle to make a change for the better, and create opportunities for the people that are and will be part of this programme. I appreciate all the love & support & thank you from the very bottom of my heart! & look forward to taking on this journey with you!

I'm running for Popup Starting a wave of justice

POPUP People Upliftment Programme

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A humbled heart

So Saturday was D-day, and already so much had happened.... This has been an amazing experience and I'd just like to thank each and every person who has supported me on this journey, words can not…

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A little goes a long way...

With the 11th creeping closer every day, I still need R4000.00 to reach my minimum target of R10k. I'm reaching out to all my family & friends to ask for just R100 per person, a little bit…

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Two Oceans... DONE!

This past weekend I completed my very first Two Oceans Half Marathon, and that in my best time yet... Needless to say, I am feeling extremely excited with the Muskathlon date closing in & …

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Keep the legs lose!

Final run before @2oceansmarathon this Saturday 😁 quick 5km in the cold and dark to keep the legs loose 🏃🏻‍♀️We've been working hard since January and now in T-3days all the hard w…

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Run until you smile!

So some days are good days, and some days are not so good... but as they say, any day that you can run is a great day! The last fews runs I've just been focusing on listening to my body, and m…

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You have good runs & bad runs

So, sometimes you just have to realise that there will be good runs and bad runs BUT every run counts!    My body has been taking some strain and I've been struggling a little to keep u…

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Time to get serious...

So this past Sunday I had the priviledge of running my first half marathon for the year - CapeGate Vaal in Vereeniging... I felt good on the run up to 16km, the last 5km were a little tough for me …

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Eyes on the prize

Race week 😬My first half marathon for the year will be this Sunday.... Feeling excited and slightly nervous... This week just going to focus on doing "whatever it takes"- train as needed and pla…

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Double Digits!

So I'm nearing the end of week 3 of my training programme for Muskathlon 2019 in May. . . and this has been a good week... haven't missed any runs (no matter how difficult) & I'm feeling good a…

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Don't try play catch up

So week 2 has basically come and gone, just have this weekend left... Due to weather, I've only run once this week (local church race on Wednesday evening) and I plan to do back to back runs today …

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So yesterday there was a local race in Klerksdorp, and I ran the 10km....the goal was to just finish within 60min....and thanks to my running buddy who pulled me through, we managed to finish in 59…

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Week 1, almost done!

And so the first week is just about done, with 2 training sessions of 7km on the legs, and cross training between spinning.... this week is a good week.... there's a local race on Saturday, I'…

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It's Official!

And so we begin, I've received my training program for this journey, when I look at it now, feeling slightly intimidated, realizing the hours on the road that lie ahead.... I'm a little nervous I'l…

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