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United Kingdom

Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2020 120 km

Meredith  Patterson
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Since coming to faith in Christ in December 2014 I have felt increasingly challenged to live out my faith and help those in need both in Northern Ireland and around the world. I feel privileged to live in a country where it is acceptable to be a Christian and attend church openly. I am humbled by the immense difficulties Christians in other parts of the world encounter due to their faith on a daily basis. This challenges me about how much I would be willing to give up, suffer and sacrifice to be a Christian. Therefore by participating in the Muskathlon I am hoping as well as showing solidarity with Christians from the persecuted church in North Korea, to raise money to ease their suffering. It would be an absolute privilege to work with Open Doors to help support my fellow believers. As a Christian I have heard lots about how difficult it is for Christians in other countries who suffer for their faith and I have felt powerless to do anything about it. For me this provides the opportunity to take action and make a difference.

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