Ruan-Tobie Snyman

South Africa

Muskathlon South Africa 2019 42 km

Ruan-Tobie Snyman
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I am passionate about people and would like to help, wherever I can especially if they can't help themselves.

My father lost his job three years ago due to retrenchments and has struggled ever since to find a permanent job. My mother soon after also had challenges with her job.

Suddenly our family found ourselves in a situation I could never even imagine in my wildest dreams. During this process I have learned the effect that unemployment has on a family. We as family have come out stronger despite these circumstances, with the help of a supportive community and the grace of God.

I am motivated to help others as I have been helped, that is why I will run to give someone the opportunity to have a better life and future.

I'm running for Popup Starting a wave of justice

POPUP People Upliftment Programme