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6 - 15 October 2017


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Project cost |  €1900,- excluding airline tickets


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The Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event at an extreme location, in order to raise maximum funds to fight injustice. The Sri Lanka Muskathlon will take place October 7-14 2017, out of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 4M organises this Muskathlon in partnership with Open Doors, supporting the persecuted church in Sri Lanka.

The story behind the Sri Lanka Muskathlon
This will be the first Open Doors Muskathlon in Asia, one of the regions that are hardest on Christians, globally. Radical hindu’s, Boeddhists and communists are determined to eliminate the church in their country. In Sri Lanka and surrounding countries the church is under severe pressure. Christians are being beaten up, fired and driven away. Open Doors supports those Christians by bringing Bibles, training people and offering trauma relief counseling. Open Doors helps the underground church to stand strong in their persecution and hold on to the promise of life in God.

Sri Lanka Facts and Figures
21,6 million inhabitants
1,9 million Christians
Religion: Boeddhism

Sri Lanka is known for its jungle and hilly terrain. The track leads partly over dirt roads through the mountainous area and partly over main roads. 

The Muskathlon-week
During the Muskathlon-week you will be exposed to the raw reality of persecution. You will meet persecuted christians and hear their shocking stories first hand. Being a Christian in Asia is often followed by negative consequences. Discover how Asian Christians deal with the pressure of following Jesus in daily life. You will even spend the night with local Christians. You will visit a Christian church in the slums of Kanadula in a Buddhist environment and get to know the people that otherwise remain nameless faces on the daily news bulletins. Local pastors will share how they give their utmost to alleviate the need all around them. You will hear the live stories of persecuted Christians from India (who will fly to meet us). Also, you will visit Open Doors projects that are being sponsored through this Muskathlon.

The weekprogram will look like the following (adjustments can be made)
Saturday: arrival, teamtime
Sunday: visit a church service of a church under pressure, lunch on project, inspirational session.
Monday: visit local Christians, travel to Muskathlon area, meet local pastors, inspirational session, teamtime
Tuesday: visit special program, funday full of sports and adventure with local children of persecuted churches, training session, inspirational session, teamtime
Wednesday: devotion on beach, meeting Christians from India, day of rest and info for Muskathlon day.
Thursday: Muskathlon-Event and celebration
Friday: closing inspirational session and testimonies and departure
Saturday: travelday

The costs of the Sri Lanka Muskathlon are 1.900 euro, not including airfare to and from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This fee includes:

Info-sessions (in Norway, Germany, UK and the Netherlands)
Coaching in raising funds and training for your Muskathlon

Hotelaccomodations, logistics and food during the Muskathlon-week
Inspirational sessions for personal development
Exposure to the work of Open Doors
Medical care during the week

Muskathlonshirt or -jersey
Food and drinks during the Muskathlon-Event
Medical care and coaching for the Event

Practical information
 - Your Muskathlon-adventure starts Saterday, October 7 at 12 am at Colombo airport.
 - Your Muskathlon-adventure ends Saterday, October 14 at 5 pm at Colombo airport.
 - You need to book your own flight to and from Colombo, making sure you are on time for the start of the week. It is not possible to leave early. The first flight out of Colombo can be booked from 5 pm, October 14th.
 - If by some reason out of the sphere of influence of 4M the airlines do not offer tickets at the given dates for the majority of the group, the dates and/or times of the Muskathlon can be changed by one day.
 - This Muskathlon is open for men and women.
 - At this Muskathlon you can participate in running (21, 42 or 63 km), walking (63 km) or cycling (120 km).
 - Costs for transportation of your bike are not included in the Muskathlon-fee.
 - The Muskathlon-program will be held in Dutch and English.
 - Every Muskathlete commits to raise 10.000 euros for the work of Open Doors.
 - When you register you receive a personal profile at, you can raise your funds through the website.
 - At registration you pay 100 euros.
 - 6% of all funds raised is used to cover operational costs for the Muskathlon.