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Project cost |  €1400,- excluding airline tickets

"A unique experience!"
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In 2017, we will visit Asia for the first time! Indonesia is a beautiful country, with thousands of islands and a rich cultural history. Still, a large part of the population live in extreme poverty. Especially children are vulnerable for the terrible effects. For them, we run, bike and walk this Muskathlon! During your trip you will be confronted with poverty, meet the hospitable people and visit Compassion projects.

The Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event at an extreme location, in order to raise maximum funds to fight injustice. The Indonesia Muskathlon will take place October 7-15 2017, out of Bali, Indonesia. From Bali we will fly to Sumba, an island of extreme poverty and rarely visited by anyone. 4M organises this Muskathlon in partnership with Compassion, liberating children out of poverty, in Jesus’ name.

The story behind the Indonesia Muskathlon
The Muskathlon will take place at Sumba, a forgotten island, next to the poorest island of Indonesia, Timor. Sumba is hardly ever visited by anyone. The people of Sumba have to manage on their own and are still very much dependant upon their knowledge of nature in order to survive.Compassion has a project on Sumba, leading the children of these poor, forgotten people out of the cycle of poverty. You will get to experience a unique side of Indonesia, witness the consequences of serious poverty, but also see how the church makes a real difference for people in great need.

Muskathlon Event
The terrain in mountainous. The track leads partly over dirt roads through the mountainous terrain and partly over main roads. The Muskathlon will be held in the Sumba region.

The Muskathlon week
During the Muskathlon week you will be exposed to the raw reality of extreme poverty. We may know Indonesia for it’s lush beached and luxurious holidays, but for a large part of the population daily life is a struggle to survive. As always, children are the first and foremost victims when poverty is at hand. Compassion does a wonderful job in liberating children out of poverty, in Jesus’ name. When children receive education, health care and nutricious food, their chances for breaking the poverty cycle increase dramatically. Apart from that they learn about Jesus Christ. Many children are being saved through the work of Compassion.

A typical Muskathlon week will look like the following: (adjustments can be made)

Saturday: arrival, team meeting, inspirational session
Sunday: visit a church service in a slum, meet local children, first training, inspirational session, team time
Monday: travel day to Sumba, inspirational session, team time
Tuesday: visit a Compassion project, get to know the local situation, inspirational session, team time
Wednesday: funday full of sports and adventure with local children, training session, inspirational session, teamtime
Thursday: day of rest, inspirational session, teamtime
Friday: Muskathlon Event and celebration
Saturday: closing inspirational session and departure from Sumba to Bali
Sunday: travel day

The costs of the Indonesia Muskathlon are 1.400 euro, not including airfare to and from Bali, Indonesia.

This fee includes:

- Info sessions (in Australia, Norway, Germany, UK, Suisse, Belgium and the Netherlands).
 - Coaching in raising funds and training for your Muskathlon.

Muskathlon week
- Hotelaccomodations, logistics and food during the Muskathlon-week
- Transfers and flight to Sumba
- Inspirational sessions for personal development

Team time
- Exposure to the work of Compassion
- Medical care during the week
- Training sessions

Muskathlon Event
- Muskathlonshirt or jersey
- Food and drinks during the Muskathlon Event
- Medical care and coaching for the Event

The Muskathlon fee does not include:
- Meeting your personal sponsorchild by Compassion. This is to be arranged through Compassion.
- Transportation of your bike to and from Indonesia.

Practical information
- Your Muskathlon-adventure starts Saturday, October 7, 11 am at Bali airport.
- Your Muskathlon-adventure ends Sunday, October 15, 10 am at Bali airport.
- This Muskathlon is open for men and women.
- You need to book your own flight to and from Bali, Indonesia, making sure you are on time for the start of the week. It is not possible to leave early. The first flight out of Bali can be booked from 1 pm, October 15th. Please double check with the organisation before actually making the booking.
- If by some reason out of the sphere of influence of 4M the airlines do not offer tickets at the given dates for the majority of the group, the dates and/or times of the Muskathlon can be changed by one day.
- At this Muskathlon you can participate in running (21, 42 or 60 km), cycling (120 km) or walking (60 km).
- The Muskathlon-program will be held in Dutch, German and English. A group of Australian participants will join as well.
- Every Muskathlete commits to raise 10.000 euros for the work of Compassion.
- Every childsponsor that is found, counts for 1.000 euros at your personal fundraisemeter.
- When you register you receive a personal profile at, you can raise your funds through the website.
- At registration you pay 100 euros.
- 6% of all funds raised is used to cover operational costs for the Muskathlon.