15 - 20 May 2017


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Project cost |  €1.100,- excluding airline tickets

More than 35 million slaves are more than 35 million too much - I am fighting against injustice!
Thorsten Zahn - A21 Muskathlete 2016 More stories...

The Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event at an extreme location, in order to raise maximum funds to fight injustice. The Greece-Bulgary Muskathlon will take place May 15-20 2017, out of Tessaloniki, Greece. 4M organises this Muskathlon in partnership with A21, fighting slavery in the 21st century.

The story behind the Greece-Bulgary Muskathlon
Every year many girls from poor backgrounds in Bulgary are trafficked to Greece, to be exploited in the sex-industry. The girls think they have found a decent job, as a waitress or cleaner in a Greec hotel and travel to Tessolinki with their own passport. Once they have crossed the border, they are kidnapped by traffickers and locked up in so-called breaking houses. The girls are raped and threatened and forced to have sex with as many as 40 men a day, until they are willing to do anything their trafficker asks from them. The girls end up, without papers, in a brothel in Greece, or elsewhere in the European Union. Their dignity and future are robbed in terrible ways.The Greece-Bulgary Muskathlon follows the track the girls travel when they go to Greece. The Muskathlon crosses the border at the exact location many of the girls have crossed the border in the past.

The terrain in this region of Europe is hilly. The track leads partly over dirt roads through the mountainous area and partly over main roads. The finish is in Lefkogia, a small border town in Greece.

The Muskathlon-week
During the Muskathlon-week you will be exposed to the brutal world of the forced sex-industry. You will visit a replica of a breaking house and hear the stories of women that have gone through these horrors. You will witness the ways in which sex is sold openly in Greece and learn about the different ways A21 rescues women and trains police and officials. 

The week program will look like the following (adjustments can be made)
Monday: arrival, team meeting, inspirational session
Tuesday: first training, visit of a breaking house, watching a documentary on trafficiking, inspirational session
Wednesday: visit of small town in Bulgary, to understand the conditions the people live in, training, inspirational session
Thursday: day of rest and travel to start, inspirational session
Friday: Muskathlon Event and celebration
Saturday: closing inspirational session and departure

The costs of the Greece-Bulgary are €1.100, not including airfare to and from Tessaloniki, Greece.

This fee includes:

- Info sessions (in Norway, Germany, UK and the Netherlands)
- Coaching in raising funds and training for your Muskathlon

Muskathlon week
- Hotel accommodations, logistics and food during the Muskathlon week
- Transfer to and from Bulgary
- Inspirational sessions for personal development
- Team time
- Exposure to the work of A21
- Medical care during the week
- Training sessions

Muskathlon Event
- Muskathlon shirt or jersey
- Food and drinks during the Muskathlon Event
- Medical care and coaching for the Event

Practical information
 - Your Muskathlon adventure starts Monday, May 15, 5 pm at Tessaloniki airport.
 - Your Muskathlon adventure ends Saturday, May 20, 12 am at Tessaloniki airport.
 - You need to book your own flight to and from Tessaloniki, making sure you are on time for the start of the week. It is not possible to leave early. 
 - If by some reason out of the sphere of influence of 4M the airlines do not offer tickets at the given dates for the majority of the group, the dates and/or times of the Muskathlon can be changed by one day.
 - This Muskathlon is open for men and women.
 - At this Muskathlon you can participate in running (21, 42 or 63 km) or cycling (120 km).
 - Costs for transportation of your bike are not included in the Muskathlon-fee.
 - The Muskathlon program will be held in Dutch and English, with German translation.
 - Every Muskathlete commits to raise 10.000 euros for the work of A21.
 - When you register you receive a personal profile at, you can raise your funds through the website.
 - At registration you pay 100 euros.
 - 6% of all funds raised is used to cover operational costs for the Muskathlon