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Restoring and empowering people to be employable through support and programmes, based on a Christian world view and values. This includes life skills programmes, quality skills training, enterprise development and social enterprise, learnerships and placement, in cooperation with city transformation partners, will lead to community transformation.


South Africa is suffering from significant unemployment.  The people affected most are between the ages of 18 and 34.  POPUP has been training people of this age group in much needed skills since 2006 and has seen significant successes among the more than 7,500 unemployed people trained since then.

POPUP beneficiaries are often disillusioned young people who come from dysfunctional backgrounds; they don’t dream, have no hope and don’t plan for a future filled with hope.  

POPUP empowers them with life skills which helps to transform learners from people without hope to confident people filled with hope.  After completing Life Skills learners enrol in a skills programme suitable to their aptitude.  Upon completion of skills programmes learners are prepared for the world of work in the Workplace Readiness Programme. Our placement center assists learners to find employment.  We also empower potential entrepreneurs with skills and funding to start their own businesses.It is remarkable to see how our learners excel once they have been given opportunities to create a future for themselves.

Muskathletes can invest in a better future for young people by participating in the Muskathlon South Africa 2019.  You will have the opportunity to meet learners and visit our training sites to gain first had knowledge of the quality of learners we are privileged to work with. Join hands with POPUP to create opportunities for young people to acquire skills and build a future filled with hope.

Our Mission
As an organisation, POPUP is in a position where we are giving hope to thousands of people as a result of our successful skills programmes. People are given opportunities to obtain skills which will enable them to find employment or start their own enterprise and rise from the terrible conditions caused by poverty and other circumstances such as a crime and addiction.

Our Vision
POPUP’s vision is to transform lives and uplift individuals to impact their world. We firmly believe that transformation takes place from a holistic point of view, impacting the heart and mind of the person in such a way as to transform them from the inside out, resulting in a changed person who can positively impact their immediate surroundings; their households, extended families, communities and the country at large

For more information about POPUP visit:  http://popup.co.za/