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Privacy statement

De 4e Musketier respects your online privacy and security. We adhere to the privacy rules set out in the AVG (GDPR). Our websites use a secure connection. If you decide to give us personal information, for example via forms, know that we only use this information for the relationship between De 4e Musketier and you. When it is necessary for the delivery of our service, we share necessary details with our Proudpartners (Compassion and Open Doors), airline companies, hotels etc. We provide only that information that is strictly necessary and ask these organizations to comply with the same privacy rules.


What we collect to provide you with our services
You can ask a question trough the websites of De 4e Musketier, register as a participant for 1 of our activities or newsletter or become a financial sponsor. From these pages we save your name and address, contact information and bank details (only if you fill it in and send it to us).

For participation in the Muskathlon, we ask for medical details, although you are responsible for your own health, De 4e Musketier also wants to be able to make an estimate whether participation is justified and to let the medical supervisor be prepared as well as possible in case of a health problem. Your medical details are processed separately from your other personal data, only actively reviewed by the medical officer and destroyed after participation.


How we use your information and how you can change it
De 4e Musketier records your details for the execution of your application. Your data can be used by De 4e Musketier to periodically keep you informed about the activity (s). If you become a participant in one of our activities, we will announce you in addition to the newsletter of that activity for our monthly e-mail newsletter. All newsletters we send contain an unsubscribe link, which allows you to indicate at any time that you no longer wish to receive them. Realize that when you opt out of a newsletter linked to a specific activity for which you have registered, you may miss important information.

Do you want to know what information we have about you and whether it is correct? Then log in to your personal account at www.muskathlon.nl. If the data is not (anymore) correct, you can adjust it yourself.

When you receive the Musk4 and / or have a financial relationship with us, your data is also stored in our accounting system. If you want to submit a change or have your data removed completely, do so via the contact page of this website (via email, telephone number or form). NB: if you appear in our financial records, when there has been a payment between you and the 4th Musketeer, we are legally obliged to keep this information for 7 years.


With whom we share your data
The 4th Musketeer will not sell, rent or give away your personal information to other(s). We will only pass on your details to others if you give permission for this, when it is necessary to realize the desired activity or when the law forces us to do so. In those cases we request these external organizations to comply with our privacy policy.


How (long) do we store data?
Your data is sometimes stored in writing in a file and partly in our automation system. If you want, we will show what we have registered about you. Our registration is never contrary to the law, public order or good morals. If there are wrong facts in your data, we will be happy to adjust them on request.

Some data are more sensitive than others, such as religion, origin or political color. This information is not recorded by us.


Photos and videos
During activities of De 4e Musketier, a photographer and sometimes a videographer will join as a crew. The material of that photo / videographer will be used for the following purposes after visual inspection by De 4e Musketier:

 - share the visual material with the participants in the activity (s).
 - use a selection of the visual material for promotion on website, facebook, leaflets etc.

If you object to the publication of visual material that you are recognizable on, let us know. We will then do everything within our possibilities that is reasonable to prevent or undo public publication of such visual material. We ask our participants the same careful handling of images that include others who are recognizable.


All content of our websites are protected by De 4e Musketier Netherlands (C-Force). However, feel free to share content via social media, blogs, etc. provided with a source reference.

The '4' logo is a protected logo and may not be reproduced on your own publications without explicit permission.


Functional and analytical cookies are used on our websites. We do not actively collect personal data via cookies.

Functional cookies ensure that the website works fine and you can, for example, view videos that are embedded in the website. Analytical cookies (Google analytics) help us make the website as good and relevant as possible for our visitors. Both types of cookies can still be blocked via your browser. However, we can no longer guarantee the full functioning of the website.