4M South Africa is proud to partner with POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) for the 4MZA 2022 Muskathlon, to be hosted in Tshwane, South Africa. We are investing in the lives of unemployed South African people, to bring restoration, transformation and opportunity through skills development, job placement and entrepreneurship leading to job creation. Your participation and support provides an opportunity for someone to step out of desperation, caught in the cycle of poverty, into hope and a better future.

South Africa is a country with an estimated 58.8 million people, a developing nation at the foot of the continent of Africa. The nation faces many challenges but also possesses many opportunities. 4M and Arise South Africa have embraced the challenge to empower POPUP to transform the lives of men and woman of this beautiful country, and stir the spirit of hope and purpose.

An estimated 5.5 million people between the ages of 18 and 34 are currently unemployed. This represents nearly 50% of the workforce in this age group. Many of these people are mothers and fathers, sole providers for entire households.

POPUP, an NGO focusing on skills development has taken up the challenge of providing skills training to unemployed youth. POPUP operates training centres in Pretoria, Nelson Mandela Bay, Krugersdorp, and will start in Bloemfontein in 2020. Plans are also afoot to start a training centre in the Western Cape in 2021. POPUP beneficiaries are often disillusioned young people who come from dysfunctional backgrounds; they don’t dream, have no hope and don’t plan for a future.

POPUP not only empowers learners with skills but also gives hope for a better future. POPUP has trained 8,300 people up to the end of 2019 with skills. Most of these learners have found employment or started their own businesses.

POPUP empowers learners with life skills which helps to transform learners from people without hope to confident people taking hold of their own destinies. After completing Life Skills, learners enrol in a skills programme suitable to their aptitude. Upon completion of skills programmes learners are prepared for the world of work in the Workplace Readiness Programme. The POPUP placement centre assists learners to find employment. Learners who show potential to become entrepreneurs are empowered with skills and funding to start their own businesses. It is remarkable to see how learners excel once they have been given opportunities to create a future for themselves.

“POPUP has taken me from someone who had given up on life, believing they would amount to nothing and thinking of suicide to a positive, passionate, hardworking, motivated young lady who wants all life has to offer!

I plan to have my business grow not to just make small goods, but to go as far as manufacturing for companies, schools, organisations etc.

I want to build a home for my children. I would love to have an old age home or orphanage where I would care for others. I want to advise/motivate young girls to not look at their situation as the end but as a guide to have a bright and positive future. Letting them know that they are not alone and having someone who have been in their position guiding them.” - Mpho Lucy Munyami, Popup Learner


One person, one family, one community - restores a nation giving hope to the hopeless.

South Africa

1 - 8 May 2022


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  • 63km

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  • 106km


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  • 57.5km

  • 115km

  • 230km


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The challenge | If you are from South Africa: Collect R25,000 for Popup and run 21, 42 or 63 km or cycl2 120 km.

The challenge| If you are not from South Africa: Collect €10,000 for Popup and run 21, 42 or 63 km or cycle 120 km.

Costs | € / R. Cost to be updated February 2021

Excluded from the project price is the price for your airline ticket or other travelcosts to arrive at the start of the Muskathlon.

Extra info| This Muskathlon is organized by POPUP and 4MSA. This Muskathlon is open for men and women, from South Africa and international. The Muskathlon program will be held in English.

"A trip that has brought me so much more than it has cost me."
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