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Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2019 21 km

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North Korea holds political elections five yearly - but with only one candidate name. North Korea has the largest military in the world (including paramilitary). They have the largest stadium in the world. The North Korean official ideology is not communism but Juche – or “self reliance”.

Which of these facts were new to you? What if I also told you that North Korea was also the most religious country in the world - taught from birth to adore their supreme leader? Believing otherwise would have you be a traitor. While also trying to survive the harsh reality of poverty, food shortages, and a domestic methamphetamine epidemic, discovered Christians are also sent to labour camps, tortured, or killed. North Korea has been ranked as the hardest country to live as a Christian since 2002.

There is hope still for the people in North Korea, and the increasing number of stories of faith in the midst of hardship is a testament to this. The upcoming half marathon and the time surrounding this is aimed to be part of a movement for solidarity for those who would be persecuted purely because of their faith and subsequently robbed of whatever little freedom they may have had.  I hope to be inspired, to learn, and to grow from witnessing just a taste of the oppression and burden being faced on a daily basis. Would you help me support them also?

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