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  • Because there are people in this world who live in poverty and/or under oppression.

    The Bible says in Matthew 25: 35-36
    35 Because I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in, 36 I was naked, and you dressed. I was sick and you visited me, I was imprisoned and you came to me (NBV translation).

  • The Muskathlon is organized by the 4th Musketeer, for and in collaboration with Compassion and Open Doors. The goal of €10,000 per participant is the brainchild of the 4th Musketeer. That 10,000 is obviously made up of lots of small (er) donations from individuals, companies and sponsorships of Compassion-children (each sponsored child counts for a 1000 euros). This way, many people are involved.

    We challenge participants to go beyond what they would naturally do themselves. The result is a stabdard for the goals and challenges the participant, with more satisfaction for the participant. Do not underestimate yourself, people around you and God! Get moving.

    Not everyone gets to 10,000. However, there are also participants who will get to three times that. On average, the participants over the years we have been doing Muskathlons, have collected more than 10,000 each. If you join as a participant and you are not able to reach that 10,000 despite your best efforts, nothing will be lost. Any amount will count, but we do ask each participant to do the utmost to get those 10,000 euros.

    The total of all participants is a significant contribution to bringing a bit of justice in the world. Participants all go to the country the Muskathlon is for, this means more for the local people than the money. And for the participants to see the poverty and injustice is a very impressive experience, taste and feel.

    Given the cost (in money and environmental impact) by doing the Musk Athlon in different countries, it is also desirable to provide a substantial amount of sponsored money.

  • After registering for the Muskathlonen and paying the € 100 registration fee, a personal online environment will be created for you. In this environment you will find information regarding the preparations for your Muskathlon. In this environment you can also pay your travel sum and upload your medical documents. The environment is only visible to you. You will receive login details for this together with the confirmation of your registration in your mailbox.

    In addition, a recruitment page is created for you at https://www.muskathlon.com/en-en/participants
    People who want to leave a gift for you, do this the easiest via your personal recruitment page. Inform friends, family members or business acquaintances of your participation in the Muskathlon and provide them with the link to your personal recruitment page. They can donate online via Ideal, Paypall or bank transfer.

  • We recommend that you first check this page to see if your question and answer are listed here. That can help you to have an immediate answer to your question. Is the answer not listed? Please contact us.

    We try to answer your question as quickly as possible, at least within 5 working days. For more and more questions that works, for the more specialized questions (for example about donations or changes to the website) an answer can sometimes be delayed. We are well aware of this and are constantly looking for improvement.

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  • The 4th Musketeer consists of two foundations: Stichting the 4th Musketeer in Enschede (account NL13RABO0140016023). This foundation organizes the logistics of the Muskathlon. Travel expenses you pay via this foundation, these are not tax deductible as a gift. This foundation is not an ANBI.

    In addition, we have stichting Vrienden van Gerechtigheid in Enschede (account NL82RABO0168445190). This is where all donations go. These are tax deductible donations. You can find us on the website of the tax authorities by searching here on ‘gerechtigheid' and 'Enschede' (tax number 851 848 564): http://www.belastingdienst.nl/rekenhulpen/giften/anbi_zoeken/

    You can also find more information about the activities and status of ANBI Foundation Friends of Justice on this website: http://vriendenvangerechtigheid.nl/

  • Participants in the Muskathlon may use the Muskathlon logo for flyers and / or posters to promote self-organized promotions / events. If the participant wants to use the logo for a self-built website, this is allowed, provided that a link is added to the official website of Muskathlon on that website. In addition, it must be clear in the layout that this is a website of a participant. Using the logo for printing merchandise material is absolutely not allowed. The logo is officially protected, always use the logo with the R of "registered trademark". You can find the logo under "downloads" in your personal Muskathlon account.

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  • The evenings are not required but recommended. We make sure these nights are filled with encouragement, worship testimonies and prayer. We also provide materials and (verbal) information for your fundraising and help prepare you as much as possible. The closer you get to the start of your Muskathlon, the more concrete and practical the information will be (report of the pre-scout to the final departure preparations). You will have the opportunity to ask The 4th Musketeer, Compassion and Open Doors questions and you will get a chance to meet us. You will also get to meet all the other Muskathletes who will be joining you on your trip.

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  • This differs per country and with whom you travel, Open Doors or Compassion. The precise program will be announced a few weeks before departure, but an impression can already be read on the project information page on www.muskathlon.nl.

    During your journey with Open Doors you will get a better picture of the living conditions of Christians in the country that you visit in the days prior to your Muskathlon sports day.

    During your trip with Compassion you will visit projects in the days before the Muskathlon sports day takes place. During those project visits you can meet your sponsor child (s) and their family (s) and you will come face to face with poverty.

  • The bicycle must be carried in a suitable container or bike box. The weight should not exceed 23 kilos for most airlines. Up to 23 kilos bike transport will usually be around €100 (single flight). If you exceed 23 kilos double that amount.
    The steering wheel should be turned in the longitudinal direction of the frame, the pedals and other protruding parts must be removed and the tire pressure should be reduced.

    Instructional Videos:
    1 Disassembly and box: https://youtu.be/JaztTF_AwSc
    2 derailleur and chain: https://youtu.be/X_vBFi3gqNg
    3 Hard (rental) case: https://youtu.be/sU0Qxlp-gNI

  • That is possible. He/she must arrange travel and accommodation himself and is not the responsibility of The 4th Musketier. The condition is that the participant simply remains part of the program and does not deviate from this.

  • We are not such a fan of people who travel with us but are not Muskathleet themselves. Participating in the Muskathlon is not just "crossing the finish line". It is also a spiritual journey that comes to a climax in the week of the Muskathlon. We find it disturbing if non-participants walk among the participants in that week. And we think that the participant himself will feel torn between the loyalty to the family/friends and the other participants on this trip. We therefore do not allow this.


  • That depends on the country where you participate. You can find the costs per project on the website under the heading "Muskathlons". Then choose the Muskathlon that you are interested in, the costs are stated in the project description.

  • The costs that are covered from your travel payment include: accommodation costs (hotel, food), local program and transport, costs of the organization (processing registration, website muskathlon.nl, gift administration, question processing, organization and logistics of the Muskathlon, making of film and photo material), shirt that you wear during the Muskathlon and VAT.

  • We recommend paying part of the costs every month. Where 25% of the costs must be paid 9 months before departure, 50% of the costs 6 months before departure and three months before departure you must have paid 100% of the costs.

    You can pay via your personal page under "Travel price overview" with Ideal. Transfer by bank is of course also possible, state your name and project description. The account number is: NL13RABO0140016023 in the name of Stichting de 4e Musketier in Zwolle.

    Transfers by iDEAL are immediately processed in your personal overview. Bank transfers require 2 to 3 weeks of processing time, before they are visible in your overview.

  • Here are some examples:
    - Travel costs to information nights
    - Extra material that you might need, but do not own (ie. sports clothes etc)
    - The renewal of your passport (it needs to be valid for 6 months upon arrival)
    - Depending on the country there might be additional costs for visa
    - Vaccination costs
    - When participating for Compassion: Getting a certificate of good conduct (VOG) in your municipality. Compassion will contact you about this

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  • In the table under the heading "Sponsors" on your personal page. You can get here by logging in to the Muskathlon website. You received the password for this in the e-mail together with your registration confirmation.

    Received donations (iDeal, Paypal and bank statements)

    This table contains all the donations you have received until a certain date, either through your own personal page (Ideal, Targetpay), and through the bank, sponsor children and others.

    The sum of the amount in this table is the sum of whatever is in your meter.

    Incomplete donations (iDeal)
    These are incomplete donations via your own personal page. A sponsor has started a donation through your personal page, but has not completed it for some reason.

    Check whether this person (around the same date), is also in the table 'Received Donations (Ideal & transfer). Then a second attempt was successful apparently.

    If not, you could approach this person, report that the donation has not been completed, and ask them to make the donation after all.

    The amount listed here does not count for your meter.

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  • On request Compassion will sent a form to sponsor a child with a code linked to this child. After completing this form and returning it to Compassion, Compassion puts this into the child records and displays the names of the children sponsored weekly by the 4th Musketeer, afterwards they will relay the codes to the 4th Musketeer. Each sponsored child counts for 1,000 euros. Compassion hopes and expects that the sponsor child (average) support at least three years.

    See here:

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  • Yes, it has been agreed with Open Doors that they process the direct debit authorizations. The authorizations that apply for several months, count for the total amount.

    A donor for Open Doors who donates (at least) 7 euros per month on a regular basis counts for 250 euros on your counter.

  • That can happen. If the donation is done via iDeal or Paypal the problem usually is that the donation was not done on your personal page, but on the regular donation page.

    With bank transfers donations might not have a description stating whom the money is intended for. Donations with no description will be punt in a ‘General’ location and will be distributed after the Muskathlon(s) has ended.

    In both cases we can generally find the donation fairly quickly and we connect that to the participant for whom it is intended, if you provide the following information in your message:
    - How was the donation done? iDeal, Paypal etc.
    - What is the name of the donor, the amount and the date of the donation?

  • Of the collected funds 6% and for each sponsored child (worth 1,000 euros on a participants meter) 90 euros, will go to the organization of the Muskathlon. This is substantially below the 25% standard fee that the CBF (mark) allows.

    This can only be achieved through the many volunteers involved, 'friends of 4M' and entrepreneurs their time, knowledge, contacts and finances helping with the work of the 4th Musketeer.

    A very large part of the Foundation the 4th Musketeer (Muskathlon organization) and Friends of Justice (donations management) staff involved is a volunteer. The growing volume of Muskathlon and associated funds make it necessary to have some paid workers on staff. These paid employees work quite a few extra hours in there own time as well, including evenings and weekends, to keep things running smooth and keep costs low.

    This 6% fee also covers the costs of information nights (rent, equipment, drinks, food etc), pre- scouts, staff tickets (if not paid for by the staff themselves) and a return night.

  • A bill for a donation is a strange construction accounting wise. So what we do is we will send a formal letter of thanks on request (pdf e-mail, or if necessary by mail) confirming the donation.

    What we will need is:
    - The name and contact details of the company / person (including an e-mail address).
    - The amount and date of the donation (we will check if the donation was actually made).

  • This depends on the way donations are done. The quickest and simplest way is donating via Ideal or PayPal on your own personal page. This will automatically show up on your meter. Promote this way of donating as much as possible!

    Donations that are made via bank transfer will take about two (1-4) weeks before they are visible in your list. These must first be processed by the bank, then for each participant by the bookkeeper in the accounting systems of the Muskathlon and exported from there in to the accounts by the Team Leader office on www.muskathlon.nl.

    Direct debit will take an average of 2 to 4 weeks. We will first receive the information via regular mail, this will be processed by volunteers about once a week. Next the file is presented to the bank, who will perform the collection after a week. After this the collection will be processed by the Teamleader office and added to the funds on the website. Failure because people book returns after the collection if there was insufficient funds and the like are processed through the accounts and an unsuccessful collection in the weeks thereafter settled on your counter (people can undo up to 56 days after incassso cashed in amount).

    Note: Vrienden van Gerechtigheid may authorize direct debit up to a maximum of 1000 euros per authorization.
    Note: Send a physical authorization via mail and NOT by email (scanned) AND by mail, but ONLY by mail. Chances are very high that we're going to handle differently second time authorization and that is not the intention.
    Note: Always make a copy / scan / photo of direct debit slips that you send. For your records, should they not arrive with us the permissions and also contact your sponsors, so you can access them as a collection can not be performed.
    Note: Permissions are useful in some situations, but cost a lot of processing time and have a chance that the authorization will ultimately not result in an actual donation. Therefore, limit the use of authorizations, as a donation by Ideal, cash, Paypal or bank transfer is also possible.

    In case of illness or absence of employees or when traffic (for example, around an event or XCC) or other unforeseen circumstances, updates could be delayed.

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  • Please contact https://www.muskathlon.com/nl-nl/contact as soon as possible
    You will always pay the registration fee of €100,-.

    These are also the minimum cancellation costs. This fee helps us cover the costs of our website, the processing of donations, staffing fee’s and your registration.

    - If you cancel within nine months before the start the cancellation fee is 25% of the total fee.

    - If you cancel within six months before the start the cancellation fee is 50% of the total fee.

    - If you cancel within three months before the start the cancellation fee is 100% of the total fee.

    This cancellation fee covers the average cost of things as your registration and deregistration, processing of inquiries and donations, some of the indirect costs of the organization, cancellation fees are charged by airlines and hotels to us for canceling a ticket, hotel room etc.

    NOTE: Cancellation insurance generally only covers the only cost of unforeseen issues such as death of a family member or other acute distress, injuries usually do not count. So keep in mind that cancel fees might still apply, depending on the terms of the insurance and the reason and time of cancellation.