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About 4M

‘The 4th Musketeer’ is a men’s movement that seeks to inspire people’s heart and create worldwide waves of justice. This mission is primarily carried out by ‘eXtreme Character Challenges’ (XCC) and ‘Muskathlons’.


An XCC is a mind, body and soul adventure - an active and challenging endurance event for men, out in the wild. The XCC is set up like one endless day and for 72 hours men are confronted with significant physical challenges, deep comradery and over 20 moments of spiritual input. The culmination of the XCC is to lead men to the highest place on earth: the foot of the cross. Every man who completes an XCC receives a red polo shirt with a number four, signifying they have become a Musketeer – a servant of the King.



A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in a remote area. All participants (men & women) are expected to raise significant funds to further the worldwide battle for justice. These funds are donated towards the work of three charities: Compassion, Open Doors and A21. These organisations work in three different areas to help children out of poverty, to rescue women and girls trapped in sex slavery and to support those who are persecuted for their faith. In short, Muskathlons make a big impact in real people’s lives and fight injustice in our lifetime.


4M Worldwide

Started in 2008, 4M (the 4th Musketeer) is spreading worldwide, with bases currently in 7 countries and over 8,000 Musketeers. And the numbers are growing exponentially worldwide as each national 4M movement is growing from dozens of men to hundreds, to thousands. The expectation is that 4M will have 20,000 Muskathletes worldwide by 2020. 

More info about 4M

A Muskathlon week consists of 3 components:

  1. Finding out about injustice. Visiting those most in need and hearing their stories. You will be impacted forever.
  2. Strengthening faith. Devotions and times of spiritual impact are central to the experience. You will come back changed and inspired!
  3. The Muskathlon: the highlight of the week. An early start culminates in a celebration at the finish line. This will be a milestone in your life!

Muskathlon: What’s expected?

  • Each participant is expected to run, walk, climb or cycle a significant distance.
  • Each participant is expected to raise at least USD 10,000 that is donated to help in the fight against injustice.
  • In addittion, participants must also pay their own travel expenses.
  • Each Muskathlete will have a personal page on muskathlon.com, which includes a fundraising tracker and space for other encouraging items.