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South Africa

Muskathlon South Africa 2019 42 km

Billy Bartosch
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On 11 May 2019 I will be running my very first Marathon. My main objective for running this marathon is making a difference to people and communities who are yearning for change. Yearning for upliftment and yearning for the skills to enable just that. Every rand and cent from this race goes towards an organisation called popup. They provide the required life and work skills to the under privileged which will enable a positive change for individuals and as a result the communities they live in. Please help me and support me to raise a target of R10,000. 100 friends × R100 = R10,000.This R10,000 can and will change the lives of 3 people directly and hopefully be the catalyst of upliftment for many! Lets enable the change that we want to see!

I'm running for Popup Starting a wave of justice

POPUP People Upliftment Programme