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Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2019 21 km

Sud Tjiputra
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Hi Everyone! Muskathlon represents a special opportunity for me personally to reignite and strengthen my faith and to be able to just learn from, listen to, pray with and contribute toward the journey of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world especially those who because of their faith are being persecuted.

I'm expectant for God's glory and will to be revealed at new heights throughout this journey ahead (not only during the run itself but also every single step & day throughout my preparation - i.e. I have never participated in any med/long-distance running let alone half marathon!) so that God is being glorified and by His grace more people get the opportunity to get to know Jesus - our God, Saviour and King, the way, the truth and the life.

Through this Muskathlon in South Korea in October 2019, in partnership with OpenDoors and The 4th Musketeer, it'd be my privilege to help channel your generosity, blessings and sacrifice to support our fellow Christians in North Korea, #1 most dangerous country to follow Jesus, as well as other countries in Asia and around the world.

Thank you. God bless you & yours.


I'm running for OpenDoors Starting a wave of justice

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