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Muskathlon Republic of Korea 2020 21 km

Marta Kezes
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I can understand the situation of the Christians in North Korea very well, because I grew up a communist regim. Although I have not been subjected to such severe persecution as North Korea today, I have personally  experienced the disadvantage of living in a Christian family, e.g. I could not be a Primary School teacher, because I was untrustworthy in socitety. 

When I learned through Open Doors that North Korea was and still is in the forefront of Christian persecution, I decided to try to help in some way. Since I have taken part in half maraton competitions several time, it seemed obvious to me that I would take this opportunity. 

Open Doors has announced invitation to attend on an event called Muskathlon in April 2020 in South Korea. This event provides an opportunity for participants to rise donations to Open Doors who can help North Korean Christians.

So I am here, I am ready to start.

I'm running for OpenDoors Starting a wave of justice

OpenDoors Support the persecuted church!