In 2021 we will travel to Brazil for the first time with the Muskathlon. What will be your sporting challenge? A (half) marathon, an ultra run of 63 kilometers or rather 120 kilometers on your mountain bike? In the year before you go, you will raise €10,000 for the children in Brazil.

The aim of the Muskathlon is to bring hope to places of despair, righteousness to places of unrighteousness and love to places of hate. Together we are a voice for families and children who live in extreme poverty.

Why Brazil?
Brazil is the largest country in South America and has the largest rainforest in the world. Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but thirty percent of the population still lives below the poverty line. This means that an individual has to live on less than € 1.65 per day.

The problem of poverty in Brazil hit children extra hard, because they are very vulnerable. Problems such as neglect, abuse, child abuse and child trafficking are common and as a result, many children in Brazil grow up in unsafe situations. More than 40 percent of calls to Disque 100, a human rights violations reporting system, are related to child neglect incidents. Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children are also frequently reported. Child neglect is common in northeastern Brazil where many people don't even know their rights. Parents neglect their children because they were also neglected in their own childhood. They do not know any better.

Compassion in Brazil
Child safety has the highest priority within Compassion. That's why Compassion wants to make a difference in Brazil. Compassion has worked in Brazil since 1975. In co-operation with local churches, there are now 199 projects in which 57,067 children participate.
The local employees in Brazil take their role to protect children very seriously. Vanessa Viotti is director of Compassion Brazil: "We believe that a child cannot develop its full potential if it's abused or neglected. Child protection is at the heart of everything we do, because if a child doesn't feel protected, nothing we do for them will work."

Local employees are trained to detect and report abuse. And not insignificant, in all projects the children get taught about what healthy boundaries are. For example: can someone yell at you, hit you or touch you under your clothes? There are specific lessons about this appropriate to the age level of the child. Besides the fact that children learn how people are supposed to treat them in the projects, they also learn about life outside the project. The alertness of our employees and the education they receive, regularly reveals that there is abuse within a family. We address parents on these issues, and together we find other ways to behave toward one another. If necessary, we engage the authorities. To prevent these situations from happening, Compassion arranges a training evening for parents every three months.
Education is free in Brazil. So the sponsor children go to a local school. Compassion ensures that all children can actually go to school by providing them with compulsory school materials such as a school uniform, books, transport to school and other school supplies.

Brazilian culture is determined by people with African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern backgrounds. The first inhabitants of Brazil, the Indians, still influence the culture. Much of the traditions, history, music and dance of this population have contributed to today's culture. The Portuguese have also left a big mark. For example, Portuguese is the official language of the country, but many Portuguese influences can also be seen in the architecture. 17th century art is still typical of the country. African influences are noticeable in the food, but also in the music.

The Muskathlon
During Muskathlon week you will be exposed to the raw reality of extreme poverty. As always, children are the first and greatest victims of poverty. You will see a unique side of Brazil and travel to the north-east of this country where you witness the consequences of severe poverty and child neglect. You will also discover how the local church makes a difference and does everything to protect children. In the Compassion projects, the children
have access to good education and extra lessons, so that they can develop into independent, emotionally healthy young people.

The weekly programm generally looks like this (adjustments can still be made)
• Thursday: arrival, inspiring session and team time.
• Friday: visit to a Compassion project, get to know the local situation, inspiring session, team time.
• Saturday: travel day to the north of Brazil.
• Sunday: a visit to a church service in a slum, meeting local children, first training, inspiring session, team time.
• Monday: visit to a Compassion project, meeting with own sponsor child, inspiring session, team time.
• Tuesday: funday full of sports and adventure with local children, training, inspiring session, team time.
• Wednesday: rest day, inspiring session, team time.
• Thursday: Muskathlon day and party.
• Friday: Closing with inspiring session and departure.
• Saturday: arrival in your country

"Child protection is at the heart of everything we do, because if a child doesn't feel protected, nothing we do for them will work." - Vanessa Viotti, director of Compassion Brazil

The following costs are included in the project sum:

- Inspiration evenings organized by 4M and Compassion with advice on, among other things, raising funds and training for the Muskathlon.

Muskathlon Week:
- Hotel accommodations, transportation and food during Muskathlon week
- Inspiring sessions for personal development
- Team time
- Visits to Compassion projects
- Medical care during the week
- Sports training

Muskathlon Day:
- Muskathlon shirt or singlet
- Food and drinks during the Muskathlon day
- Medical care and guidance on Muskathlon day

The project-sum does not include:
- Meeting with your current sponsor child if he/she does not live close the projects we are going to visit during this Muskathlon. Organization runs through Compassion.
- Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) that is mandatory for participation in this Compassion Muskathlon.
- Transport of mountain-bikes to and from the Brazil.
- Possible visa costs.
- Costs for renewing your passport
- Costs for any vaccinations
- Costs for performing a sports medical examination

Practical information
This Muskathlon adventure starts on 27 May 2021 and ends on 5 June 2021. It is not possible to join the group later or to leave this Muskathlon trip earlier. Please note that these dates include the travel days.

If for some reason beyond the control of 4M and Compassion the airlines are unable to offer tickets on the dates indicated for the majority of the group, the start and / or end date of the Muskathlon will be adjusted. This will of course be communicated in a timely matter.

Depending of the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day

Registration for this Muskathlon takes place on the current website: When registering, you must make an initial deposit of € 100 euros. After receiving your payment, your personal Muskathlon profile including a fundraising page will be activated.

Part of all funds raised is used to cover operating costs for the Muskathlon. Each new Compassion child sponsorship counts for €1.000 in the total fundraising goal.


May 2022


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  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 106km


  • 120km

  • 500km

  • 57.5km

  • 115km

  • 230km


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The challenge | Collect € 10,000 for the work of Compassion and run (21, 42 or 63) km, walk 63 km or cycle 120 km.

Costs | €1095 excl. tickets to Brazil

You can register until August 2020, after which registration will close.

Depending on the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

You must book your flight ticket yourself. In addition to the project price, you must take into account additional costs such as costs for extending your passport, your visa, a sports medical examination and vaccinations. For cyclists, additional costs apply for the transport of a mountain-bike.

Extra info | This Muskathlon is organized by 4M NL in collaboration with Compassion. This Muskathlon is open to men and women. The Muskathlon program will be held in Dutch and English.


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