Dark clouds are hanging above Sri Lanka. Since the attacks in 2019 that happened during Easter, Christians have been feeling insecure and fearful. Take for example Vijitha (28) and her daughter Sarvika (8); they survived the attack on their church building.

"Since the attack, my daughter has been very afraid of thunderstorms," said Vijitha. “When Sarvika hears a loud noise, she starts screaming. She is still very anxious because she has seen the bodies of her dead friends lying on the floor. ”

Christians are treated as second-class citizens in Sri Lanka. Conversion is considered a betrayal of your ethnicity. Families and communities are pressuring them to let go of their newfound faith.

Christian children are required to take classes on Buddhism or Hinduism. Those who do not participate in Buddhist festivals and rituals can be cast out or rejected.

You can stand next to your persecuted brothers and sisters. Travel to Sri Lanka, discover what persecution means, look persecuted Christians in their eyes and listen to their stories. Spread the light of Jesus Christ in Sri Lanka.

The Muskathlon is an ultimate challenge in an extreme location, to raise funds for persecuted Christians. The Muskathlon in Sri Lanka will take place from October 2nd till 9th, 2021.
4M organizes this Muskathlon in co-operation with Open Doors to support the persecuted church in Sri Lanka and worldwide.
For more information about Sri Lanka, visit https://www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecution/world-watch-list/sri-lanka-2/

The project sum is €1750,- excl flight tickets to Sri Lanka
Included in the project sum are:

- Inspiration evenings organized by 4M and Open Doors with information about Sri Lanka and advice on, among other things, raising funds and training for the Muskathlon.

Muskathlon week:
-Visit projects of Open Doors / Micro credit / trauma care-Medical advice during the week-Sports training
-Hotel accommodation, transport and food during Muskathlon week
-Team time

The following costs are not included in the project sum:
-Transport of mountain bike to and from Sri Lanka
-Any visa costs
-Costs for having a sports medical examination performed
-Costs for any vaccinations

Practical information:
The trip to Sri Lanka starts on 2 October until 9 October. It is not possible to join the group later or leave this Muskathlon trip earlier. Please note that a maximum of two travel days can be added to these dates.

If for some reason the airlines do not offer tickets on the dates indicated for the majority of the group, the start and / or end date of the Muskathlon will be adjusted. You will of course hear about this in time.

The costs for transporting a mountain bike are not included in the travel sum. This differs per airline and is therefore only known when the tickets are booked.

When registering, you must make an initial deposit of € 100 euros. After receiving your payment, your personal Muskathlon profile and fundraising page will be activated.
Part of the funds raised are used to pay for the Muskathlon's operational costs.

Sri Lanka

2 - 9 October 2022


  • 21km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 106km


  • 120km

  • 500km

  • 57.5km

  • 115km

  • 230km


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Funds raised for Sri Lanka

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US$ 9,819
US$ 94,672
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The challenge | Collect € 10,000 for the work of Compassion and run (21, 42 or 63) km, walk 63 km or cycle 120 km.

Costs | €1750,- excl flight tickets to Sri Lanka

You can register until November 2020, after which registration will be closed.

Depending on the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

You must book your flight ticket yourself. In addition to the project price, you must take into account additional costs such as costs for extending your passport, your visa, a sports medical examination and vaccinations. For cyclists, additional costs apply for the transport of a mountain-bike

Extra info | This Muskathlon is organized by 4M NL in collaboration with Open Doors. This Muskathlon is open to men and women. The Muskathlon program will be held in Dutch and English.

"A trip that has brought me so much more than it has cost me."
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