In 2021 we will travel to Rwanda with the Muskathlon. What will be your sporting challenge? A (half) marathon, hiking 63 kilometers, an ultra run of 63 kilometers or rather 120 kilometers on your mountain bike? In the year before you go, you will raise €10.000 for the children in Rwanda.

The aim of the Muskathlon is to bring hope to places of despair, righteousness to places of unrighteousness and love to places of hate. Together we are a voice for families and children who live in extreme poverty.

Why Rwanda?
Located in the heart of Africa, Rwanda is the most populous country in the continent. Almost half of the population lives below the poverty line. Agricultural production cannot keep up with population growth, which means that Rwanda is regularly dependent on importing food. The country has a high mortality rate among babies and children (52 deaths out of 1,000 babies). Children are malnourished and sometimes children start school at a much later age, because they are forced to work or to take care of younger brothers and sisters.

The Muskathlon
During the Muskathlon week you will be exposed to the raw reality of extreme poverty. As always, children are the first and greatest victims of poverty. You get to see a unique side of Rwanda; you witness the consequences of severe poverty, but you also see how the local church makes a difference and wants to protect children. In the projects of Compassion you meet the children and employees and you will discover how children can develop into independent and emotionally healthy young people.

Rwanda's culture is marked by its bloody history. More than 800,000 people died during the war between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Nowadays, the wounds are still far from healed and many Rwandans still have trauma's: they are seeking justice and a way to learn to trust each other again. In addition, the civil war has left its mark and everyone is quite impoverished by the long-term violence.

Compassion in Rwanda
Compassion has worked in Rwanda since 1980. About 90,000 children are currently supported in over 400 projects. Education is free in Rwanda, but a small contribution is charged for lunch. Compassion ensures that all sponsor children can go to school. That is why we provide a school uniform, books, the lunch contribution, transport to school and other school supplies. Sometimes they go to the school in the Compassion project, sometimes the children go to a local school and receive extra lessons and help in the project. Because children are in school from Monday till Friday in Rwanda, they go to the project on Saturday.

On the days when the kids are on the project, they get nutritious meals. Parents participate in a weekly prayer meeting and each month they work together on community projects such as building houses, cleaning the project building and growing vegetables on the project.

The weekly programm will follow

The following costs are included in the project sum

Inspiration evenings organized by 4M and Compassion with advice on, among other things, raising funds and training for the Muskathlon.

Muskathlon Week:
- Hotel accommodations, transportation and food during Muskathlon week
- Inspiring sessions for personal development
- Team time
- Visits to Compassion projects
- Medical care during the week
- Sports training

Muskathlon Day:
- Muskathlon shirt or singlet
- Food and drinks during the Muskathlon day
- Medical care and guidance on Muskathlon day

The project-sum does not include:
- Meeting with your current sponsor child if he/she does not live close the projects we are going to visit during this Muskathlon. Organization runs through Compassion.
- Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) that is mandatory for participation in this Compassion Muskathlon.
- Transport of mountain-bikes to and from the Brazil.
- Possible visa costs.
- Costs for renewing your passport
- Costs for any vaccinations
- Costs for performing a sports medical examination

Practical information
This Muskathlon adventure starts on 10 September 2021 and ends on 18 September 2021. It is not possible to join the group later or to leave this Muskathlon trip earlier. Please note that these dates include the travel days.

If for some reason beyond the control of 4M and Compassion the airlines are unable to offer tickets on the dates indicated for the majority of the group, the start and / or end date of the Muskathlon will be adjusted. This will of course be communicated in a timely matter.
Depending of the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

Registration for this Muskathlon takes place on the current website: When registering, you must make an initial deposit of € 100 euros. After receiving your payment, your personal Muskathlon profile including a fundraising page will be activated.
Part of all funds raised is used to cover operating costs for the Muskathlon. Each new Compassion child sponsorship counts for €1.000 in the total fundraising goal.


10 - 18 September 2021


  • 21km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 106km


  • 120km

  • 500km

  • 57.5km

  • 115km

  • 230km


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The challenge | Collect € 10,000 for the work of Compassion and run (21, 42 or 63) km, walk 63 km or cycle 120 km.

Costs | €1550,- excl flight tickets to Rwanda
You can register until October 2020, after which registration will close.

You must book your flight ticket yourself. In addition to the project price, you must take into account additional costs such as costs for extending your passport, your visa, a sports medical examination and vaccinations. For cyclists, additional costs apply for the transport of a mountain-bike.

Depending on the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

Extra info | This Muskathlon is organized by 4M NL in collaboration with Compassion. This Muskathlon is open to men and women. The Muskathlon program will be held in Dutch and English.

"A trip that has brought me so much more than it has cost me."
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