Nick Gerrard

United Kingdom

Muskathlonland Zuid-Korea 2019 120 km

Nick Gerrard
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I have been a supporter of Open Doors for a number of years because of the burden I feel for those who are undergoing unbelievable levels of persecution simply for their beliefs. I have a particular burden for North Korea and have been thinking about doing a Muskathlon for a number of years to help raise funds for and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. What tipped the balance this year was having the privilege of hearing "Hae Woo" tell her story (and meeting her) and the Muskathlon being in Korea in 2019. It is just my way of doing what I can to support them. Whilst the sum of money to be raised is huge, it is a very small price to ask in relation to the price they are paying on a daily basis and it is my privilege to support them.

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