Kelly Munger


Muskathlonland Zuid-Korea 2019 120 km

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I have a few reasons for participating in this Muskathlon. This event will stretch me spiritually, physically and mentally. Like most people, I want to do this journey to discover what Christianity looks like in a country totally different to my own, to gain a better understanding of the persecuted church. I look forward to seeing how this trip will unfold by bringing the words and pictures in my Open Doors email to life. The people of the persecuted church will become a reality, their stories will be confronting of course, yet it will no longer only be knowledge but understanding of what it means to be a persecuted believer. I also go with a sense of excitement, to see Christians from different countries joining together to support and encourage each other, learning from each other and challenging my own faith journey. It incredible to be part of "something bigger". For myself personally, I love new adventures but the 120km ride is a bit crazy for me. However, it will force me to step outside of my safe place as I discover what I can really achieve when I stretch myself. As I write this, a year before leaving, it has already begun as I train myself for the ride and do the fundraising. While there will be times I will be uncomfortable, the end result will be unimaginable and ultimately it's not about me. I'm doing it for the incredible and amazing people I will meet in South Korea.

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