In 2021 we will go to the Indonesian island Timor with the Muskathlon. What will be your sporting challenge? A (half) marathon, a ultrarun, a 63 km hike or 120 km biking?  In the year before you go, you raise €10.000 for the children in Indonesia.

The purpose of the Muskathlon is to bring hope to places of despair, right  to places of injustice and love to places of hate. 

Together we are a voice for children and families who live in extreme poverty.

The population on the island Timor is oppressed by extreme poverty. The biggest challenges are shortage of food, neglecting of children and unemployment. are forced to collect garbage from the dumpsSix to eight months a year, the climate is characterized by heat and drought, as a result of which there is little clean drinking water available what causes diarrhea and rashes.

Compassion in Indonesia
Compassion has been working with local churches in Indonesia since 1968. There are now 668 Compassion project at local churches and over 150,000 children are sponsored and protected. In Indonesia education is government-supported so the sponsor children go to the local schools. Compassion ensures that all children can actually go to school by providing them with compulsory school materials such as a school uniform, books, transport to school and other school supplies.

On the days when the kids are on the project, they get a nutritious meal. The children can also participate in activities such as music lessons, sports, camp, dance, painting, singing, etc. Compassion organizes workshops on parenting and income-generating activities for the parents as well.

The Muskathlon
During the Muskathlon week you’ll be exposed to de rough reality of extreme poverty. As always, children are the first and greatest victims of poverty. You will see a unique side of Timor, witness the consequences of severe poverty, but also see how the local church makes a difference and wants to protect children. In the projects of Compassion you meet the children and employees and discover how the children can develop into independent and emotionally healthy young people.

The weekly program will follow.

The following costs are included in the travel sum:

Muskathlon week:
- Hotel accommodation, transport and food during the Muskathlon week
- Transfers and domestic flight to Timor 
- Inspiring sessions for personal development
- Team time
- Visits to projects of Compassion
- Medical care during the week
- Sports training

Muskathlon day:
- Muskathlon shirt or singlet
- Eating and drinking during the Muskathlon day
- Medical care and guidance on the Muskathlon day

The travel sum does not include:
- Meeting with your current sponsor child if he does not live close to the projects that we are going to visit during this Muskathlon. Organization runs through Compassion.
- Flight ticket
- Certificate of Good Conduct that is mandatory for participation in this Compassion Muskathlon
- Transport of mountain bikes to and from Indonesia
- Possible visa costs
- Costs for performing a sports medical examination
- Costs for possible vaccinations

Practical information

•This Muskathlon adventure starts on 14 October 2021 and ends on 24 October 2021. It is not possible to join the group later or to leave this Muskathlon trip earlier. Please note that these dates include the travel days.

•If for some reason outside the control of 4M and Compassion the airlines cannot offer tickets for the majority of the group on the indicated dates, the start and/or end date of the Muskathlon will be adjusted. This will of course be communicated in a timely manner.

•Depending on the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

•Registration for this Muskathlon takes place on the current website: When registering you must make a first deposit of €100,-. After receiving your payment, your personal Muskathlon profile including a fund-raising page will be activated.

•Part of all funds raised is used to cover operational costs for the Muskathlon. Each new Compassion child sponsorship counts for € 1,000,- in the total fund-raising goal.


14 - 23 October 2021


  • 21km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 42km

  • 63km

  • 106km


  • 120km

  • 500km

  • 57.5km

  • 115km

  • 230km


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The challenge | Collect €10,000 for Compassion's work and running (21, 42 or 63 km), walking (63 km) or cycling (120 km).

Costs | € 1,300 excl flight ticket 

Depending on the available flights and prices, the departure and arrival dates may be +/- 1 day.

In addition to the project price, you must take into account additional costs such as costs for extending your passport, your visa, a sports medical examination and vaccinations. 

Extra info | This Muskathlon is organized by Compassion and 4M NL. This Muskathlon is open for men and women. The Muskathlon program will be held in Dutch and we will provide translation to English.