In 2020 we will travel to Tanzania for the fourth time for the Muskathlon with Compassion. Compassion has been working in Tanzania since 1999. The country is famous for its highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro. In addition, the country is very popular with tourists because of the many safari parks. Yet the country is among the top ten poorest countries in the world. Over 54 million people live in Tanzania. The population of Tanzania is divided into approximately 120 tribes. The official language is Kiswahili, but English is also widely used.

Tanzania is among the top ten poorest countries in the world. About twenty percent of the population has to live on less than one euro a day. In addition, the country has to contend with extreme drought and severe flooding. As a result, harvests are often lost and this results in a food shortage. HIV / AIDS also plays a role in poverty. Almost nine percent of the population is infected with the deadly virus.

The Muskathlon week
During the Muskathlon week you will be exposed to the raw reality of extreme poverty. As always, children are the first and biggest victims of poverty. The work of Compassion makes a huge difference for them.

In the Compassion projects, children do have access to the basic facilities and they have the opportunity to develop and grow up. Compassion has 423 projects in Tanzania. Currently 89,973 children participate.

For more information about the country, visit this page on the Compassion website.

The project leaders have already been on a pre-scout. Read this article and get an idea of ​​what you can expect during the Muskathlon.

The weekly program generally looks like this (adjustments can still be made):

• Friday: travel day and evening arrival in Tanzania
• Saturday: Welcome devotion, 1st light training and a visit to the slum with a home visit
• Sunday: Devotion in a fantastic place in nature, hike to a beautiful waterfall and a visit to a children's church service with 800 children
• Monday: Devotion at the foot of Mount Meru, visit to a Compassion Massai project and experience the local situation through a practical home visit (working together with the local people by collecting water, working on land etc.) and light training on the track, team time.
• Tuesday: Safari in the Tarangire national park, devotion in a breathtaking place with a view of the elephants. Take your swimwear with you !! Team time
• Wednesday: Visit to the quarry. In the afternoon a funday full of sport and adventure with a Compassion project together with your own sponsor child.
• Thursday: Rest day, preparation and information about the musktahlon route etc. devotion and team time.
• Friday: Muskathlon day and bbq
• Saturday: Celebration / festive closing and testimonials, time to go to the local Massai craft market to buy your last souvenirs.
Departure in the evening
• Sunday arrival in the Netherlands

The following costs are included in the travel sum:

- Inspiration evenings organized by 4M and Compassion with advice on, among other things, raising funds and training for the Muskathlon.

Muskathlon week:
- Hotel accommodation, transport and food during the Muskathlon week
- Inspiring sessions for personal development
- Team time
- Visits to projects of Compassion
- Medical care during the week
- Sports training

Muskathlon day:
- Muskathlon shirt or singlet
- Eating and drinking during the Muskathlon day
- Medical care and guidance on the Muskathlon day.

 The travel sum does not include:
- Meeting with your current sponsor child if he does not live close to the projects that we are going to visit during this Muskathlon. Organization runs through Compassion.
- Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) that is mandatory for participation in this Compassion Muskathlon.
- Possible transport of mountain bike to and from the Tanzania
- Possible visa costs
- Any additional costs such as extending your passport, sports medical examination, vaccinations, etc.

Practical information
This Muskathlon adventure starts on Friday, October 16, 2020 and ends on Saturday, October 24, 2020. It is not possible to join the group later or to leave this Muskathlon trip earlier. Please note that these dates include travel days.

If for some reason outside the control of 4M and Compassion the airlines cannot offer tickets for the majority of the group on the indicated dates, the start and / or end date of the Muskathlon will be adjusted. This will of course be communicated in a timely manner.

When registering you have to make a first deposit of 100 euros. After receiving your payment, your personal Muskathlon profile including a fund-raising page will be activated.


16 - 24 oktober 2020


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